AKA Knucklebones


That’s how I know the game’s name. Saw this display at the Artist and Craftsman store.

IScatter the metal pieces. Throw the little rubber ball up. Quick! Pick up the right number of jacks. Onesies Twosies. Threesies……..hand eye coordination a must. I didn’t purchase the box and try to play. I remember my dad playing jacks with us. For the rules and list of tips and fouls and how to play correctly click here on The Genius of Play site Yes, there are rules.

Did you ever play Jacks? What name did you call them? Stepping on a stray game piece, when your feet are bare,would be as painful as a piece of Lego.

Knucklebones, also known as scatter jacks, snobs, astragalus, tali, dibs, fivestones, jacks, or jackstones, among many other names, is a game of dexterity played with a number of small objects that are thrown up, caught, and manipulated in various manners.” Wikipedia

9 thoughts on “AKA Knucklebones

  1. Yes I played . I have two brothers and we played that a lot. We called it Jacks.l

  2. I played so often on the concrete porch that my knuckles were scraped and bloody. Pick up one at a time, then by twos, threes, etc.

  3. I did play jacks as a kid (and marbles!). We only ever knew them as “jacks”, And yes, blast you if you step on a rogue jack. We were only allowed to play with them outside….

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