Maura Chops an Onion

Swim Goggles seem to help

Maura and I worked together to create another Minnesota Hot Dish for the family tonight (recipe from America’s Test Kitchen

Maura said “take a picture and show your Minnesota friend”. Audrey ! (Click to see her post on Elusive Sleep)

We arrange them neatly at first….
32oz size purchased at Kroger

Here’s the guest blog of another inspired Hot Dish

And the original post from last month

6 thoughts on “Maura Chops an Onion

  1. Eye protection very important especially when I’m sure she was cutting them with excessive speed. Hotdish is one of my primary food groups now. dc

  2. I feel so honored that you and your family are embracing Minnesota’s Tater Tot Hotdish. Well done! Thank you, Maura, for encouraging a food photo. This Minnesota girl appreciates seeing the results, and your thoughtfulness.

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