Do you have a favorite cookie?

This afternoon I was baking chocolate chip cookies for my teenage grandsons. They were coming to visit for the weekend, I thought “ I prefer oatmeal raisin”. I knew their preference. Chocolate Chip

A cup of butter and 2teaspoons vanilla, tasty chocolate chips what could be wrong? Well, not wrong but I actually thought of making a batch of oatmeal cookies, too. (I know some friends omit the raisins.)

“…various ingredients and techniques can affect the taste, texture, and appearance of your chocolate chip cookies” the Ultimate Guide to Chocolate Chip Cookies if you want to see varied results click the guide here

Here’s the recipe I used from the back of the bag of chips

11 thoughts on “Do you have a favorite cookie?

  1. I love chocolate chip cookies when they stay high , like yours? What’s the secret, it’s hit or miss with mine.

    • I followed recipe in back of package to the letter. You could chill dough . If you click on the link in my post -The ultimate Guide- you can analyze your cookies, how they come out.

  2. I’m with your grandsons. I prefer chocolate chip! But I love all things cookie.

  3. I baked chocolate chip cookies on Saturday as a thank you to a friend who helped me with some computer stuff. I bet your grandsons enjoyed them. My fav are definitely chocolate chip. But yours is a healthier choice and I would eat oatmeal raisin also. I eat oatmeal every morning for breakfast.

  4. I love monster cookies, kitchen sink cookies, and chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips. But really, I don’t think I’ve met a cookie I haven’t liked. 🙂

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