Phantom’s Revenge at the Red Light

After I drove Jack and Maura to Aunt Linda’s and Uncle Frank’s  (where I got to sample cookies for the wedding cookie table tomorrow) I pulled into the Kennywood Parking Lot drive at the bottom of their hill.

I marvel at roller coaster design, engineering, construction and  contemplate the desire of those who ride,

ed the clouds and the people headed up to the first drop.

Phantom Revenge at the Red Light

Showing the final shot first. The clouds looked threatening for sure..









Phantom Revenge


Anticipation 1

Anticipation-  I  watched and listened to the riders scream.



Midway Ride at Ohio State Fair

One of 3 photos now being shown in Ft. Meyers FL this month at the Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center- Mechanical Elements show.  Tom called this the Asterisk.  Not sure of the name of the ride but was watching the people going upside down, their hair flying and listening to them scream.  I worry about loose bolts, a breaking chain, stripped gears.

Check out the hair at 11 o'clock.
Check out the hair at 11 o'clock.