Little Italy Days Nighttime Collage

Steve and I went over to Bloomfield Saturday night to see what was happening at Little Italy Days.  We saw fire consumption as we did in June by @PghFireGirl

The recycled glass Aurora Lamps were eye-catching.  And there were a ton of food vendors and food trucks.

We met Lenny and James and admired the BBQ trophies.  James gave us a sample to take home and will be competing down at Heinz Field next week.  The Wool Sports Logo Banners would look great at school in the counselor’s office.

The Sacred Heart Window
The Sacred Heart Window

10 thoughts on “Little Italy Days Nighttime Collage

  1. So much stimulation! My work team (and I) are going to the state fair this week – and they are doing everything in their power to convert me from a state fair “hater” to a state fair admirer. We’ll see…

    (I love the sign “Prayer is Power – Pray for Peace”. Preach.)

    • I think you can be a state fair appreciator which doesn’t mean you have to like it but you can acknowledge the effort and enjoyment of others who do. The corniness. The opportunity to observe humanity in a variety of forms is can be a good experience. Fill you with resolve to stick to your life plan. My favorite is the butter sculpture but your being vegan, that might turn you. I like seeing the young people who sleep near their livestock, the bags of wool from the shearings, the jars of pickles and the quilts. It is such a different slice of life from my urban existence.

      • That is exactly what my team is hoping for – that I at least appreciate the fair instead of loathe it. They created a whole list of vegan-friendly things for me to see, do, and eat. (They are serious about me wanting to have a good time; they are such great people!)

      • Looking forward to hearing about the delights you find at the fair. Sounds like a great team you have there!

  2. Even though I live in Southern Indiana, it is 2 hours to the Indiana State Fair so I go to the Kentucky State Fair which is in Louisville, about 20 minutes from my house. My brother Mike and I usually go every year (we both like the quilts but he particularly likes all the fish tanks and how they are displayed). However, it was just TOO hot and humid to do all that walking to get to the inside where the exhibits are displayed. We’ll try again next year! Your photos are outstanding because you always capture the best of everything!!

  3. So wonderful that Bloomfield has remained a bustling and vibrant Community!!!! hard to believe those Sports Banners are WOOL!!!!!

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