Winter Night Lights in the City

Days are longer now. Natural light still shining yesterday at 6:30 PM as I drove from school- teachers had to make up time off for the G20 days.  The sunlight through the new library windows so intense it hurt our eyes.  The blinds are on order.   The bright light a welcome change.  Birds chirp in the morning now.  The snowpiles melting. You feel a “lift”.  Wednesday night I drove down Hampton St. and this house on the corner shone like daylight it was so bright.  Unexpected cheery lights

available light shot through a windshield
As a lighthouse beacon for wayfarers traveling city streets at night

5 thoughts on “Winter Night Lights in the City

  1. I also appreciate people who leave up their lights all winter – makes it less dreary

  2. the poet-photographer is at work daily seeing more than we see thus we see.
    thanks Ruth.

  3. Got home from Switzerland yesterday – all the snow was gone – more than a few crocus shoots were coming up – my bushes seemed to survive!! It was amazing! Saw lots of snow in the mountains in Engelberg – less in Lucerne and Zurich — but it was still a shock to return to the change in Pittsburgh after two weeks!!
    Love the picture!!!

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