Full Moon Over Pittsburgh

Not Light Up Night tonight.  My friend Ray called. Said there was a huge orange moon on the horizon but by the time I threw on my jeans, wool sweater, hat and scarf, drove up to Mt. Washington, the moon had risen and appeared off white. Clear, cold and windy, met two couples from Minneapolis on their way to the Macy’s Parade in NYC.  Ray told them how to drive off the mountain to Fathead’s or Primanti’s on Carson Street.  The city lights looked brighter to me than Friday night.  It was an impromptu shooting session but a lot of fun. Posting the Radio Tower on Shiloh Street tomorrow.

Shot from the Duquesne Incline Observation Deck
The temperature dropped that twenty degrees they said it would....brrrrr. A clear night.

Light Up Night Pittsburgh

From the the sidewalk by the Monongahela Incline.  Not the usual view.  Drove up Sycamore Street after the Madwomen in the Attic Poetry Reading/ Party at WYEP on the South Side. Easy to park as it was after 10 PM.  I missed the fireworks.  Walked up and down Grandview and took a series of shots of Light Up Night, wishing I had taken the tripod and cable release.

Find the Christmas tree and the American flag
Find the American flag.

Night Light- Two Houses

Driving back from Murrysville I saw the lights on the porch at Clayton, the home of Henry Clay Frick.  Evergreen swags dangling from the portico.  Drove around the block to come back and use the driver’s side window as my makeshift tripod.  Lots of photos in the dark lately, it’s dark so early! Wednesday night Steve and I ate dinner a Grant Avenue Bar & Grill  and when I pulled down the alley I saw the Candy Cane/ Snowflake house. Scroll down to see the Millvale House.

Decorated for the upcoming Holiday tours.
First Christmas House spotted in Millvale.

Winter Night Lights in the City

Days are longer now. Natural light still shining yesterday at 6:30 PM as I drove from school- teachers had to make up time off for the G20 days.  The sunlight through the new library windows so intense it hurt our eyes.  The blinds are on order.   The bright light a welcome change.  Birds chirp in the morning now.  The snowpiles melting. You feel a “lift”.  Wednesday night I drove down Hampton St. and this house on the corner shone like daylight it was so bright.  Unexpected cheery lights

available light shot through a windshield
As a lighthouse beacon for wayfarers traveling city streets at night

What I Saw As I Drove Home From Knitting

Driving down brick streets,  I was trying to find my way back to Braddock Avenue.  Turned right and tucked in the midst of city houses was this establishment. Pulled over to the curb. Photographed it from my car.  It was the unexpectedness of this pub, right in the middle of the neighborhood.  No other businesses in sight.  The corner of Peebles and Cromwell Streets.

Howard's Park Place Pub at the Corner of Peebles and Cromwell Steets