Twisters Ice Cream at Night in the City

Coming off the Bloomfield Bridge I took a left to avoid the potholes and discovered Twisters Ice Cream. The dangling cones?  Whoa. Drove around the block.  Haven’t sampled their advertised soft or hard ice cream click on their name for a link to a map and review.

Twisters Ice Cream on Main Street
No parking on Main Street in Bloomfield, so shot from the driver's seat

9 thoughts on “Twisters Ice Cream at Night in the City

  1. My aunt used to own a place called, Tastee Freeze & it was only open in the summer when the tourists were there.
    My favorite was the vanilla dipped in chocolate…thanx for reviving that funny memory (cool pic).

  2. Huge, soft ice milk/cream is all I eat in the ice cream family. I totally get my fill, however, every summer at the Shannon Dell in Shannon Dale, PA. The boys and I stop on the way to and from the cabin and they can never believe how much I can put away!! My favorite – the twist.

  3. If you grew up in Pittsburgh, you would have grown up with Isaly’s Sky Scraper cones. What a treat!!

  4. Hank’s on Conneaut Lake Road has been there since I was a child. Every summer they have a list in their window of the license plates form different states spotted in their parking lot.

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