3 Year Old Salts Her Popcorn

You have to be vigilant. Pay attention, non-stop. We were all in the same room, together.

No one saw her with the salt shaker. Gone wild.

But I had to photograph it when I noticed it in the morning as we cleaned up after movie night.  Hers was the pink bowl. The morning light through the back door caught the colors.

This just in-  I had dinner in Arkansas and looks like good luck will be with me in 2012 as I am chowing down on some Black Eyed Peas.  “Cardboard me” showed up in Greg and Katherine’s kitchen. Check it out on their blog here

8 thoughts on “3 Year Old Salts Her Popcorn

  1. Oh. My. Lord. Isn’t it amazing 1) how kids go so over-zealous with condiments (salt, ketchup, BBQ sauce, whatever), and 2) that they can actually eat their food that way?? Crazy. And, admittedly, slightly funny, too. 😉

  2. If you did see her doing it she would of not wanted your help or want you to take the shaker and do it for her.

  3. WOW! My blood pressure just shot up sky high. More important, where is my flat Ruthie, I’m going to the Grand Canyon in June and I am sure she would like to see it. What do you say. Up for a trip?

  4. A classic kid move! Not too long ago, my grandson tried to spread a whole stick of butter onto one slice of bread. I looked up from my computer when he said, “Ewh!!!” I only caught a glimpse of the well-buttered bread flying through the air before one of the dogs gobbled it up off the floor. But, the evidence – chair pulled up to the kitchen counter, an empty stick of butter wrapper, open loaf of bread, etc. – was left on the counter.

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