Anchovies- Yes or No?


Epicurious says “There are more polarizing things than anchovies, but these tiny, briny fish definitely have their fans and their foes. If you fall into the former category, however, these anchovy recipes are for you.(41 Recipes)

If yes, how do you prefer to eat them?

If no, you can elaborate.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

All lunging for the hard roll.

Inspired to post this shot after seeing the example of the Weekly Photo Challenge:  Unusual.  The largest lake in the Commonwealth-Pymatuning State Park.

I have never seen anything like this scene and it was much more dramatic in person. My friend Joan took me here when we went up to see the then abandoned Conneaut Amusement Park while staying with a friend of hers.  She had told me I wouldn’t believe it when I saw these fish. She was right! I have always wanted to post it but then it slipped my mind until I saw Sara Rosso’s email from WordPress today.

Perhaps a video would capture the effort of these creatures, desperate to get the Italian hard roll.  They are all on top of one another.  It seems a crowded existence.