Easter Weekend

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You want to shoot a photograph with some life in it!

I learned in a workshop, photography can be exasperating. And one thing I know-

Sometimes you are an observer and sometimes you are a participant.

You can’t capture the sound of  bells ringing in the sanctuary and bell tower simultaneously, a Gregorian chant, the trumpet, everyone holding a candle in the darkness and as the lights are turned up in the dark city church, late Saturday night, you long to capture the spirit, the glow .

You can’t whip out a camera and show the three out of four grandchildren racked out in the pew, or the smell of candle wax or incense or the feel of freshly blessed sprinklings.  A good place to think.  Mechanical limitations. The intrusion of the moment.

You are’t  on assignment from a newspaper, illustrating the occasion.  The grandparents have to head back home for work early Monday so we drove downtown for the Easter Vigil. It’s an early dinner at noon. Then we’ll load the cars and drive back east and south.

The thoughts of Easters growing up, the new suits, shoes and hats.  Remembering those you love and who loved you the best and have gone on before.  i said to my friend, “vacation flies by’ and she said

“just like life.”

I think of unconditional love.  Thanks Matthew.  Missed you.

13 thoughts on “Easter Weekend

  1. “Vacation flies by – just like life.” Beautiful. You have not only amazing family, but fantastic (and wise) friends as well. Given your wonderful spirit, I would expect nothing less. It sounds like you had a great holiday. I’m glad! 🙂

  2. What a great slideshow, Ruth! You’ve given us something to both view and ponder this morning. Have a great Easter with your family!

  3. My favorite things about Easter were the new Easter Sunday dress and new shoes, mainly Mary Janes. My brothers got new suits – my mother got a new hat – and my dad got a new tie! Wonderful memories! Loved all the photos of the grandchildren and the dog! Have a safe trip home!

  4. So much fun!!!! Great photos – great family!! Why is there school on Easter Monday? Isn’t a rest day needed? I am sure some kids (and adults) are still on a sugar high!!! Didn’t we used to get the Monday off?? Well anyway – happy that you had a good vacation!!

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