Green-Tipped Straightneck- Organic Baby Squash

Bought from the Farmer’s Market in East Liberty Monday afternoon.  In haste.  It started to pour.  Will get the name of the vendor next week!

Green-tipped straightneck squash and a few baby zucchini. I liked the green-tips which looked as if the squash ends were dipped in green paint.

8 thoughts on “Green-Tipped Straightneck- Organic Baby Squash

  1. I saw these last year for the first time at one of our farmers markets. I’ve not seen them yet this year but I really haven’t been looking at squash yet. I’m pretty much fixated on baby salad greens and asparagus right now. Squash, no matter how colorful, will just have to wait!

  2. I missed the Market yesterday – so glad to have a photo and a reminder of the wonder that is and is to come!!!!! Especially the “vogue veggies” a la Laura!!!! Going to return and look at those wedding photos, 6 mos. later – loved them!!!

  3. I have never seen such a thing! To me, it looks like the squash were dipped in easter egg dye – that color and shading is how the eggs always turn out for me.

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