Shoot Where You Are

Culled from the day’s catch- didn’t photograph any food making today but here is what I photographed on Saturday.

School’s out for the summer  so I’m not in my home territory.  Most days I shoot photographs as I drive around the city. But I am seeing different scenery these days.  We went to a T-ball game on Saturday morning.

Four Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies fell out of the van onto the pavement and their bright orange caught my eye but I thought, nah, four bitty snack crackers are not worth a photograph since we have to get to the game and haul  the fold-up chairs and the bag of snacks for the team.  I mean another day I could do a Snack Cracker still life but we were in a rush.

Imagine my surprise when we returned to the van. The neon orange obliterated.  Ants working hard to live.



and a close up detail


and then as we pulled out of the school parking lot by the baseball fields, there was a church parking lot and a scene I wanted to photograph. This is when you are probably annoying to your daughter-in-law but she doesn’t mind and pulls over by the dumpster and I got out and took about 4 quick shots on the gray day.




and the detail. My DIL asked if I wanted to come back and pick it up to take back home since it wasn’t broken!


A quick trip to the zoo and the reptile house.  The kids got a chance to touch the Rosy Boa. I photographed the Pythons devouring rabbits but it is too graphic.


The Columbus Zoo has a lovely 1914 Carousel, restored.  The youngest 3 grandkids took a ride.



and youngest granddaughter Maura in a quiet moment

13 thoughts on “Shoot Where You Are

  1. Wow, that was quite a summer afternoon. Glad you didn’t include the Boa eating the rabbit.

  2. I agree with Laura – that recliner is hideous. Lots of creepy pictures — and that that lovely one of Maura! A pleasant surprise!! She is gorgeous!

  3. I absolutely love the picture of Maura! She could be a model right now with her beautiful hair and eyes. Yes, ants can take over any food within a matter of minutes. Ruth, I’ve said it before but I really love your photography because it always holds so much life, no matter what the subject!

  4. Kind of a grim day for your photos… except for that last beauty. 🙂 Thanks for sparing us the image of rabbits being devoured – seriously.

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  6. Yes, that’s a terrific photo of Maura. And I really like the photo of the 1914 carousel. It’s almost 100 years old, and they have done an incredible job of restoration. It looks brand new.

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