Steak Hibachi Dinner at Ginza

It was Steve’s idea that we should try the new Japanese Restaurant. He brought home a menu that said Grand Opening.

Turns out it opened at least a year ago, but they had a lot of menus printed up with that on the front.

So we headed over for dinner on  Saturday night.  A clear soup, salad, Steak Hibachi with vegetables and rice added up to $13-

The food was fresh, nicely prepared and delicious.

The server told us there was a bad review on YELP but I checked it out and they are mostly favorable, especially about their Sushi.

Lunchtime meals are about 6 bucks.  Really reasonable.

It ‘s a BYOB but we had no B to bring tonight.  We are planning a return trip to explore the menu. It’s in the Italian section of the city, Bloomfield.


Ginza Restaurant

iPhone shots of the exterior and my dinner below.

Steak Hibachi

11 thoughts on “Steak Hibachi Dinner at Ginza

  1. I would enjoy this place, Ruth. And anyplace with a $6 lunchtime menu is definitely worth checking out, no matter what Yelp says. 🙂

  2. This looks right up my oldest granddaughter’s alley. She loves everything Japanese. She has been taking the language for three years and loves their culture. I will let her know to check out this place, if she doesn’t already know of it.


  3. Long time ago, I visited Ginza, but the real one, in Tokio, Japan. Great time, and food (this period of the year, spring time…) The tea ceremony in the pavillion of blossoming garden was something to remember

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