Chocolate Covered Bacon

I happened to be at the Milk Shake Factory on Carson Street last Wednesday.  Did I mention that they have Happy Hour and all Milkshakes are half off fro 4-6 PM?  You might remember the post I did of the place.

It’s right down the street from the Post Office where I had to mail a couple of packages.

Anyway, the chocolate covered bacon,  by Edward Marc Chocolatier, was looking at me.

There are eyes on it, aren’t there?

Once my friend  R brought some over to the house but I can’t remember how it tasted except I know how bacon tastes and I know how chocolate tastes but can’t remember the combo.

Didin’t buy any , just got a half price milkshake, but caught a shot of it with the phone and wondered who got the idea to dip bacon in chocolate.


chocolate covered bacon



There are recipes for chocolate covered bacon all over the internet ( I just checked) and it says that it is a popular dish at state fairs.


10 thoughts on “Chocolate Covered Bacon

  1. I love chocolate covered anything, but no bacon for me. those eyes were looking at you Ruth E.

  2. I am a chocolate lover and I like bacon. I tried the combo once and absolutely hated it. Guess my pallet is not on the new wave at all. Great photo!

  3. I’ve seen the recipes, too, Ruth, and I think someone on Iron Chef prepared it a couple of months ago. I’ve yet to try it. I will, though, I’m sure. 🙂

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