Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Layers.  Layers of cake.  Seemed an easy theme to respond to – and I’m sure the layers of cake will be posted by many other bloggers.

The only problem with this week’s challenge is knowing when to stop adding photos of layers.

And then there’s the question of whether or not to have the photos “peopled” or “unpeopled”.


This took FIVE hours to make.  Seriously.   It has lived in my freezer for a time.  Not a cake but created in a bundt pan with many layers of jello, some layers mixed with yogurt to get the different tint.  When I taught visual arts I always had to remind the students the  how to make a tint by adding white.           No worries,this item it was not ingested.

jacklyn and mikeJaclyn and Mike and cousin Maura looking on as they cut into their layers

Charlotte and joel

Charlotte and Joel’s Valentine wedding cake with vintage cake topper from her grandparents who were married on Valentine’s Day, too.

Charlotte and joel (1)Whisking the Valentine’s Cake to the kitchen to cut and serve.

zach and stephanie cake 3Stephanie and Zachary’s downtown reception at the Rivers Club.

layersThe layer cake I baked for a photo shoot for a specific anniversary event  at PERSAD- Steve took it to the office and everyone enjoyed it. There were two pounds of butter in it between the cake and the frosting.

garland cake edit

Alexis and Jarrett’s first slice is missing in the one layer!

vicky wedding cake

Vicky and Justin’s September cake.   I posted this for the weekly challenge of purple, too.

bobbi jo and tim

Bobbi Jo and Tim’s Destiny Hill Farm wedding and their layered cake!

Prudence and JordanJordan’s father using the fireman’s axe to help cut the Burnt Almond Torte layers at Prudence and Jordan’s wedding.

Laura and James

Laura and James’ cake November 12, 2011. Layers baked and decorated by Cake Dot.  A pair of Etsy lovebirds on top.

Sweet challenge this week.  Piece of cake.

27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

  1. I’ll have a piece of each of those cakes…except the first – LOL
    Quite an interesting work of art though!
    The rainbow cake looks quite festive – Love it!

  2. Wow, those cakes are fantastic. Love the first Valentine cake the best, I think. And that first work of art you made with jello …..wow again!

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  4. All right — now I’m really hungry for wedding cake. Might have to go to Moio’s Bakery – one place where I know I can get wedding cake by the slice.
    Or – maybe any good cake will do!!!!

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  6. I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, and looking at all of those cakes has made me ravenous! Great choices for the weekly photo challenge!

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  10. Two pounds of butter? Holy buckets!

    Lots of pretty cakes in your collection; though I think my favorite image is the ax-wielding FIL. 🙂

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  14. GREAT LAYERS Ruth ! I really enjoyed this challenge, people are all over the board for a change ! My but you have gone to a LOT of lovely Weddings! Also love the jello !

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