No Need to Mow, Front Yard by Van Gogh

I took the first shot as I sat in my car,  stuck in a long line of unmoving traffic, waiting for the zoo goers to drive out and find their way home.

Sigh.  Camera on the passenger seat, a full stop.  

I went home and changed and came back out and had to return the same route.

No traffic the other way, thank goodness. 

I pulled over to photograph the hillside yard of sunflowers with the late afternoon sun coming through.  

Now it is not the same as my friend Joyce’s field of sunflowers in Provence but they made me feel happy to look at them and I realized they didn’t have to mow that pesky steep hillside front yard.



and the Sunflower front yard from across the street when I was driving the opposite direction a bit later

sunflower front yardand looks what is hiding in the first photo


Cherry tomatoes

12 thoughts on “No Need to Mow, Front Yard by Van Gogh

  1. What a view indeed Ruth! I love sunflowers as well! I am glad you stopped and took these shots. Clever folks indeed. 😆

  2. Love your title, too!! My sunflowers are in the back yard with one tomato plant in a pot sort of in their midst …. with about as many tomatoes. it is amazing the harvest from one plant – also cherries, like in your photo

  3. Oh my – lots of stairs to tackle on a daily basis. Good for exercise I guess. But – I don’t even wanna’ try that in the winter.
    Looks nice though.

  4. For a few years now, I would pas a house with a sunflower-filled front yard when I was on my way to a Pet store. I really enjoyed seeing them. This year, though, they’ve been replaced by a lawn. My world lost a little whimsy.

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