Lone Golden Tree

Autumn afternoon.

One more hour of Wednesday so squeaking in as a Wordless Wednesday. Well, almost wordless.

Don’t seem to be disciplined enough to stick with the Wordless Wednesday, Throwback Thursday on a regular basis.

Friday’s Weekly Photo Challenge is one I enjoy responding to each week, though.

I was reading about how one’s blog is kind of a self-imposed assignment- one doesn’t have to do it at all.

But you get something going and you stick with it. Put it out there.

There’s always something new to be seen in the world, photographed and shared.

Thanks for looking today.

Golden Leaf Tree

10 thoughts on “Lone Golden Tree

  1. I vote for a change in the vernacular. “Like a sore thumb” shouldl be replaced with “like a lone golden tree.” Isn’t that better, especially if we use your photo as the illustration? 🙂


  2. Eyes that are willing to look will always see something unique and wonderful. I’m grateful that you share your talents with us! This scene is a bold reminder of the brief beauty of the season – and of life as a whole.


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