Dinner Out Coincides with Millvale Days Once Again

It was Thursday night.  Steve and I met our friend V at Grant Avenue Bar in Millvale for a casual dinner and saw the road was blocked off and a banner overhead announced MILLVALE DAYS 2015. We were there!

This exact experience has happened to me and Steve before, three years ago (see post). But there wasn’t any wrestling going on this evening.

After dinner we walked down Grant Avenue, listened to a couple of live bands, checked out the vintage cars and ate a piece of Yetter’s chocolate.  Unexpected fun.  Of course, I’d left my camera at home!

And there’s a to-go container of tapioca in the fridge downstairs. Looking forward to breakfast.





9 thoughts on “Dinner Out Coincides with Millvale Days Once Again

  1. Hello! My name is Tyler Machajewski. I was looking through twitter and I came upon your Millvale Days post. I’m a part of the Millvale Days committee. My father is the president of the Millvale Borough, also the head of the Millvale days committee. I was wondering if we could use your pictures on our Millvale Days Facebook page as apart of our wrap up post for tomorrow, or even possibly the borough website. We will note that you took the pictures. I saw that you said you left your camera at home, somehow you still got pretty awesome pictures. I can’t figure out how to get good pictures from my iPhone…still. If you would allow us to use your pictures, that would be awesome! You can email me back at tylerski96@aol.com . Thank you so much! Maybe you can come and take some more awesome pictures tomorrow??

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  2. What a nice thing to happen! You are good, Ruthie. Good luck – hope this leads to something wonderful for you.


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