Liver and Onions Yes or No?

When I go out to eat I like to order something I don’t prepare at home.  But I won’t be ordering the Liver & Onions.

It’s a NO for me but when my sister comes to visit and we are across the river at the Grant Bar it’s what she orders.  This photo is the Oakdale Diner in Oakdale PA.  Their fancy electronic sign keeps changing. I waited until the Liver & Onions in lights flashed back on.

I’ve asked you about flavors and tastes before, food preferences. So which is it? Liver and Onions  Yes or No?

Liver & Onions? Yes or No?


Mac ‘n Berries by Lexi V.

Mac ‘n Berries by Lexi V.

I saw it in on a shelf in the glass door built-in cupboards this morning.  Finally  putting away some special dishes the grandkids had used their last visit.

The Mac ‘n Berries  tag on the bottom reminded me of the creator Lexi V.

I bought it from a former photography class student who took ceramics as well.

So I set a place for it on the dining room table, took a picture and cheered myself.

Dinner Out Coincides with Millvale Days Once Again

It was Thursday night.  Steve and I met our friend V at Grant Avenue Bar in Millvale for a casual dinner and saw the road was blocked off and a banner overhead announced MILLVALE DAYS 2015. We were there!

This exact experience has happened to me and Steve before, three years ago (see post). But there wasn’t any wrestling going on this evening.

After dinner we walked down Grant Avenue, listened to a couple of live bands, checked out the vintage cars and ate a piece of Yetter’s chocolate.  Unexpected fun.  Of course, I’d left my camera at home!

And there’s a to-go container of tapioca in the fridge downstairs. Looking forward to breakfast.





Anchovies and Arugula Pasta in Omaha- An Engagement Party Thank You

Today is a guest blog with three contributors, Joanne, Anne and Mary in Omaha.

I met Joanne in Germany when I was expecting Laura (28).

The photos are by Anne and Joanne.

 My friend Joanne writes……
Anne, Mary and I have been friends for some years.  We take adult ballet together and get together now and then for what Anne calls a “drag-around” which means whoever is driving, drives the others around town and decides where we are going …. sometimes we start with coffee or breakfast (ricotta three-berry pancakes at Amato’s featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives youtube and J says the pancakes come at the end).  Then off we go for a massage or the botanical gardens or the consignment shops … whatever suits the fancy of the driver.
In September, Anne and I co-hosted an engagement party for Mary’s son and to thank us she promised to make the anchovy pasta.
We waited months and months and she decided to have us over on a wintry Sunday afternoon in February.  It was worth the wait!

Mark Bittman -Minimalist: Pasta with Anchovies and Arugula article and video in the New York Times

Here’s the recipe for the coffee tort on from the kitchen of Army friend in Germany Janie Zimoni:
2 Tbsp flaked coconut
2 Tbsp finely chopped almonds
1 egg white
1 Tbsp dry instant coffee
6 Tbsp sugar
1 cup heavy cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/8 tsp almond extract
Place coconut and almonds in a pan.  Broil for a few seconds to toast lightly.
Whip egg white and coffee, gradually adding 2 Tbsps sugar.  Pour cream into this mixture and whip.  Gradually add 4 Tbsps sugar and extracts.  Whip until firm but not stiff.
Fold half of the almonds and coconut into coffee mixture.  Spoon into small elegant serving dishes.
Top with remaining almond-coconut mixture.  Freeze until firm, about 2-3 hours or overnight.
Remove from freezer 15 minutes before serving.
And some photos from the engagement party

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

WordPress posted the WPC this afternoon and here is an iPhone photo of the dining room table ready for guests to eat dinner. A tad grainy, soft focus, and dark and yet inviting to me and a good illustration of the weekly photo challenge: ready.

Andrew Tosses the Pizza Dough in the Air

He can’t remember how long it took him to learn to do this.  I was impressed with the height and ease in which he tossed the dough.  We had parent conferences until seven  PM so got to go out to lunch.  I headed down to the South Side to the bank and stopped in the Blue Grotto Pizza shop on the corner of 19th and Carson.  Thom B came by.  Told me, “…they really care about their food which is a good thing.” I waited for a slice of Pizza Margherita and you can see by Andrew’s hand that the slice was ENORMOUS!. It was also delicious. It was when I was leaving that I saw his tossing the dough and photographed his expertise.  I asked if it was okay to blog and he said, “Sure.”  Would have been good to have a tripod and cable remote but the soft capture still conveys the story of his skill.   A rhythmic series of the pizza dough tossing is an idea for a future post.  Could be in the People at Work series, too.