Pittsburgh Sculpture: Joy of Life by Virgil Cantini, 1960

Saturday afternoon I drove home from a happy baby shower on the South Side.

The late autumn light on this sculpture was gorgeous.  Although I drive by this sculpture frequently, I don’t stop.

I parked, got out of the car, listened to the fountain and felt the spray as the wind was gusting.

The circle of figures holding one another in the circle seemed particularly beautiful this afternoon.  When I came home and looked it up, I was reminded of the sculpture’s title-

Joy of Life.

Joy of Life

Joy of Life in Wet Pavement

East Liberty Presbyterian Church and Joy of Life


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10 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Sculpture: Joy of Life by Virgil Cantini, 1960

  1. Lovely pictures Ruth E. I, too have driven past and always think it is a perfect statue for this city.

  2. wonderful, ruth, thank you!!!!! You gave us the full show ….. light, water and title!!!!!!

  3. Beautiful piece, Ruth, and how nice that it is in a relatively large open space. Far too often, urban art is hemmed in and we cannot get more than one, close-up view of the work.

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