Be My Valentine Gallery 

But first- Who is working quality control at the candy heart message factory?



and Be My Valentine Gallery – Hearts around the house

Red Cupid photos courtesy of my friend Joanne (wood cut creations by Sue John’s husband)

  Candy from my sister. Sweet!
  Tray of raspeberry jam hearts at Colangelo’s bakery in the strip

  And the one I brought home with me to devour!



12 thoughts on “Be My Valentine Gallery 

  1. Perfect Valentine’s Day pictures – they capture the day! The jam hearts look delicious! But what is up with those candy hearts? Messed up messages!

  2. oh – those cookies look so yummy. Happy Valentines Day! I love you and your daily posts. Keep it up – it always helps me start my day with a smile.

  3. I wouldn’t have been able to pass up one of the heat-shaped filled cookies either, Ruth. How disappointed would the children be who had the misfortune of buying a box of those illegible candy hearts? Love hurts.

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