200 Tons of Sand Divided by 5

My friend Roberta called me today. What a great find for the blog! She told me about the cool competition happening in front of the main Carnegie Library.  Pittsburgh themed and sand sculptures being created by five international teams of two, right under a big tent in Oakland.

The competition is over Friday afternoon at three-“Trowels Down”

200 tons of sand from a quarry was delivered to the walkway in front of the museum, then moved by a front loader.

Each team received 40 tons of sand to sculpt.

IMG_2860International Sand Sculptor Katsuhiko Chaen  has a Sand Museum in Japan


IMG_2917Teammate Bruce Phillips from San Diego concentrating on details of “Dear Andy”.



Teammates Andrius Petkus from Lithuania and Maxim Gazendam the Netherlands creating “The Pearl”IMG_2912“The Pearl”




“Master of Steel”


Jon Woodworth from Texas and Karen Fralich from Ontario Canada work on their sculpture “Master of Steel”


Fergus Mulvany from Ireland and Thomas Koet from Florida

“The Renaissance of Pittsburgh”




“Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio  The Three Graces of Pittsburgh”

Teammates Ilya Filimontsev from Russia &  Susanne Ruseler of the Netherlands


IMG_2943Sifting the sand to get rid of the rubble


IMG_2946Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh- Main

IMG_2942If you want to try your hand at sculpting sand, here is a link from Katsuhiko Chaen  to the Sand Museum in Japan on how to do it.


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16 thoughts on “200 Tons of Sand Divided by 5

  1. Hi R – this is a cool Event – and I have only seen sand sculpture done beachside – and Virginia Beach has had some fun events – but how cool (fun) to have them under the tent and near the hall!

  2. We saw this on Thursday – it is amazing, all the detail. We are planning to go back to see the finished products. You got some great photos, Ruth!

  3. Amazing – I must go down and see it – Hesh thought it was at Point State Park – what does he know 🙂

  4. Speaking as one who never could get one pailful of sand to rest upon another, these sand competitions have always fascinated me, Ruth. i would have loved to have been there. Thanks for taking us along.

    • It was crazy to see. The transitory nature of the art is interesting. Trying to find out who the winner was so I can post.

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