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Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up

He looked up.  I looked down.  Can it count for the challenge?

Mark Panza, artist, photographer and gallery owner.

He looked up at me on the stairs. Oh no, all I had was my phone.

You’ve met Mark on the blog before.  He creates those peaceful mediation lights.


I was in Millvale Friday afternoon.  The Pittsburgh Society of Artists Show is up and the opening is 6PM Saturday night.  They were asking members who are photographers to volunteer to photograph events so I said I would. Thought I’d check it out when it was empty first.  A sneak peek below. More to come.

Tomorrow night the gallery will be filled with people!

Etna Memorial Day Parade 2016 is my piece on left.

On the way home, stopped at a light in Lawrenceville. I looked up -saw the Artist Crossing Sign

IMG_5536Sign on Butler Street, Lawrenceville in front of  Paint Monkey

(Note to self: I’d better get my windshield washed if I am going to photograph through it)



16 thoughts on “Look Up – Panza Gallery

  1. Ruth – I love how impromptu so many of your posts are – all your originality and creativity shines through (even thru need to wash windows – ha) but another thing is i love how you give us raw and quickly snapped photos along with some of your more formal captures – very original and “you” – peace

  2. I like the shot through the wind shield; that diagonal cuts the picture space into two. One can imagine a picture in which there are two different stories in the two halves.

  3. I remember Mark’s cool lights, he has such a lovely face. Your shot through the windscreen is fine, i think the odd smear adds atmosphere. Enjoy your photography tonight!

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  5. I “look up” and see art by both Ruth E and Mark Panza everyday. How lucky am I?!

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  7. Thanks for introducing me to Panza! Wish there were “Artist Crossing” signs all over the city! There would be LOTS and it would be fun!!!

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  9. Isn’t it nice to be able to walk around a gallery or art exhibit by oneself? Even better if you’re going to be photographing the event, I’m sure.

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