Rolled Ice Cream is Hot on Butler Street

I’ve been away for awhile.  My friend B said “let’s go to NatuRoll Creamery get rolled ice cream in Lawrenceville. There’s always a line” (which is a good sign).

Turns out it didn’t open until three. So we had a delicious lunch at VANDAL first, waiting for three o’clock to roll around.


Kaden took our orders and $. Two Spring Specials -Blueberry Lemon on a Vanilla Base.


Abby made mine.

Then she added them lemon zest


and a slice of lemon

IMG_2442The focus is on Abby.  Takes 2-5 minutes to create each fancy finished special.


20 thoughts on “Rolled Ice Cream is Hot on Butler Street

  1. Lawrenceville is the Happening place!!!! If I get there, I’ll ask Abby to make mine!!! What a smile!!!

  2. This is the one I almost read yesterday! 🙂 I was curious about ‘rolled’ ice cream but now I’m fully clued up. Now, where do I start queuing?
    I hope the absence was just family stuff or a holiday, Ruth? Not bad news.

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