Green Things


Green things.

It’s been a fun week of colorful collages.

Once I got started it was hard to stop.

A lot of response was generated by the different colors and it’s made me see the trend in my photography, color wise, what I’m drawn to….besides the human element.  The clothes we choose, our dishes, the bed linens and artwork which surround us in our lives. Many have commented on which color is their favorite.

Right now everywhere I look it is green green green   We’ve had a lot of rain.




23 thoughts on “Green Things

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  2. Glorious greens! (These come to mind – It’s Not Easy Being Green, How Green Was My Valley?) It is hard to decide which color blog I liked best – they are all outstanding, Ruth!

  3. I am always drawn to the cars. I know it is an Oldmobile. Probably 50 to 53. They are out of production adding to the value. Re: green. We have been in and out of town, mostty out. The lawn is overgrown. I was engaged to my lawn mower and now we are wed. Still and yet I love the green grass, hedges trees, and more. The rains combined with light from the sun bring out the colors. Thank you Mother Nature and you Ruth for your eye for collor.

  4. Green is my favorite color. Probably because when spring comes I know green will brighten up the city!

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