Zero Nutritional Value

It might even be in the negative column for nutrition. Those maraschino cherries alone, with the preservatives and dye, could do you in but I remember this colorful combination from childhood. Bright green lime, white pears, red cherries. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon to cut the intense sweetness!

My mother always made this Christmas Jello. She’d buy a large green labeled can of Bartlett pear halves. She’d put a cherry in each indentation and hope they didn’t float away.

I don’t even know anyone who makes Jello anymore. Well, maybe a strawberry pretzel salad at a shower or potluck or picnic buffet?

For Easter she’d put together the yellow lemon Jello with grated carrots and a can of crushed pineapple to which she added a pinch of salt.

Because the green, white and red one reminded me of my growing up, I had my granddaughter Anna help put it together and it graced our Christmas dinner table at my son and daughter-in-law’s home.

15 thoughts on “Zero Nutritional Value

  1. I love the color ” pop”. I do make jello salads with Sugar free lime jello and crushed pears twice / year- covered with whipped topping. It tastes like a cloud!!

  2. Thanks for the memory. My cousin Jack and I always talk about our Aunt bringing jello with something floating in it for every family function. As children we sometimes didn’t know what was floating in it.

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