How many textures on Mend Way?

Mend Way. Bloomfield. Right near West Penn Hospital. The one block alley/road between Millvale Avenue and Gross Street. I looked down while walking to my car.

All these textures!

Gravel, bricks, sand, dirt, concrete,dried leaves, my leather boot, cigarette butts and the shadows of the chain link fence.

There are many “Ways” in our city. I looked at the list of Street Names and wondered what determined the definition. Merriam-Webster says “Definition of way. 1 a : a thoroughfare for travel or transportation from place to place. b : an opening for passage.”

6 thoughts on “How many textures on Mend Way?

  1. Its funny, I always look down when I walk but I never notice the texture. Perhaps Ruth E you have made this blog reader more aware of what’s down there. Thank you

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