Tea Time at a Friend’s Table

Tea time at a friend’s table, Monday afternoon. A lovely respite, good conversation, catching up, topics- family and friends, the state of our world. A plate of chocolate filled cookies. A gracious hostess offering a cup of tea. We toasted and clinked our delicate teacups. To friendship.


10 thoughts on “Tea Time at a Friend’s Table

  1. Oh, I always love your tea-time blogs!!!! The placemat is perfect with the cup and tea pot! How beautiful!

  2. I have literally only had tea once with a friend – and that was when we went to a restaurant that is dedicated to facilitating a proper “tea time”. I love the idea of slowing down, using good china, and having the focus of the gathering be the people and the conversation. Delightful.

  3. The kettle has boiled and our tea is brewed bring the cake with you when you come over to http:/diaryofamadtiredwoman.wordpress.com/

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