Romanian Red Garlic

Primarily Romanian Red Garlic this harvest! And a few other bulbs in the box.

My brother sent organic garlic from his garden in Okanogan, Washington.

It’s the time of year when I’m watching the mail for his shipment to me. He’s made it an annual event.

Thanks David. It’s here. Now to figure out what to cook!

Did you know there are many types of Red Garlics?

Estonian Red, Chesnok Red, Creole Red, Killarney Red, Russian Red, German Red, Vietnamese Red, Korean Red, and Turkish Red to name some.

But this year it’s primarily Romanian Red!

Roasted, rubbed,minced, smashed,chopped, sautéed- it’s all pungently delicious.

13 thoughts on “Romanian Red Garlic

  1. I just completed my crock pot chopping of beef & garlic.
    I had only regular white garlic in the house. I suspect Public has red garlic and I will look asap.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I have been making garlic confit (poaching in olive oil) and draining the oil (use in Stir fry dishes) and pureeing the garlic. It’s wonderful in everything plus it’s not as pungent as raw.

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