Patience is Required with Chocolate AND Cake from the Oven

Important to be patient. I’m not.

Melt chocolate slowly on the lowest heat, don’t scorch or burn. Ruin a lovely rich bar. Managed that step but………Oh no.

The cake stuck! Not sufficiently cooled when tried to extricate the cake from the pan. Even with buttered parchment paper. Cake tester broom below.

Glued together. Frosting saves the day. Butter and chocolate. No one even knows repairs were necessary.


8 thoughts on “Patience is Required with Chocolate AND Cake from the Oven

  1. I bet the taste was fabulous, the only thing that really matters. . Wishing I had some, reminds me of cakes my aunt made on the farm.

  2. Frosting to the rescue! Looks delicious – even with the insider knowledge that it’s not “perfect”. 😉

  3. That’s a really good idea using the frosting for glueing it back together. I’ll have to remember and try that the next time my cakes do that (the multi-tiered ones. Those are a big big work in progress)! It looks amazing. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving🙂

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