Maura Texted a Night Pic

Granddaughter Maura (just turned ten) texted me a night photo of a Christmas house. For the blog!

Last night, after Steve and I grabbed a bite, we drove through a neighborhood in search of a few more photos to add to Maura’s.

It’s dark so early now as we approach that shortest day of light.

Here’s the house in Columbus Ohio that Maura sent.

Thanks for the good idea, Maura. What a lot of colorful decorations!

Below are a few Pittsburgh houses, mostly taken from the car except for the snowy animals. I had to get out.

6 thoughts on “Maura Texted a Night Pic

  1. I think about how people “individualize” their displays. Some more expansive than others. Dome mote precise than others. Each with thought and feeling. Your photos of lights in the dark are always beautiful.

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