Café at the Frick Delicious Dessert

After we viewed the amazing paper costume sculptures of the Isabell de Borchgrave; Fashioning Art from Paper exhibit, we ate at the Café at the Frick. Mary and I ordered the Creme Brûlée which was rich and delicious. The dessert menu credited Pastry Chef Chase Goumas.  We didn’t eat the pretty flower garnish but Mary arranged them on the table and I photographed them with my phone.

9 thoughts on “Café at the Frick Delicious Dessert

  1. I love creme brulee. I’ve never had it at a restaurant as I rarely order dessert. But I’ve had it at my husband’s work Christmas party. His boss and his wife are incredible cooks. We’re heading to their home tomorrow evening for the holiday party.

    • I hope there is homemade creme brûlée in the very near future! Sounds like a great party.

  2. What a way to start 2019! With a Creme Brulee and it’s special presentation! XOXO erica

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