Good Friends Host Retirement Dinner

For me? Wow!

We had trouble finding a date when I wasn’t out of town. And-

They both still work full time. They also have lots of activities with their kids as I do (grandkids), too, but finally we coordinated a date. Just yesterday- Sunday. Everything was so welcoming.

Doesn’t matter I will be retired 4 years in June 😀. I thought it was lovely to be entertained royally and then sent home with homemade cookies, decorated so lovingly.

I am fortunate to have such very good friends who cheer me on and celebrate my retirement.

A beautiful table set with China and candles and linens and the dinner was delicious.

P.S. check out my host’s GOT shirt with matching package of Oreos. He was ready to watch the upcoming battle everyone was anticipating.

Thanks for a lovely dinner.❤️

11 thoughts on “Good Friends Host Retirement Dinner

    • Peter thank you. Actually, it’s been four years in June. We just got together to celebrate now. Lol

  1. Lots of things I could say. Better late than never. But in the end it’s the thought that counts and it was very nice that they thought of you even after four years. You’ve been retired for four years?

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