The Gift of Homemade Jam

Happy mail today.  Three jars of wonderful homemade jam made by Pam with the goodness from her Massachusetts garden. Wrapped so carefully, protected perfectly, the mail carrier delivered the unexpected box Friday afternoon. Not a drop spilled. They were well padded- Blubarb, Golden Raspberry and Red Raspberry.  Oh my. Which to sample first?

Saturday morning will require some toast and butter.  How you make the jam without pectin and just half the sugar sounds amazing!  Thank you for the delightful gift.  I appreciate your sharing your harvest and culinary skills.

The golden raspberry might be first as I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a golden raspberry.


18 thoughts on “The Gift of Homemade Jam

  1. What a great gift, I’m sure they’ll all taste delicious. Golden Raspberry is great. Enjoy

  2. Imagine some fresh warm bread with them. I can almost smell my grandma‘a kitchen with loaves cooling all over the back porch!

  3. Thank you for posting this, Ruth. It reminded me of some very happy memories from the summer I graduated from law school when I filled a part of my time waiting for the bar results by picking black berries from the bushes on the boundaries of my parents’ farm and making pies and jam poured into baby food jars saved by one of our tenants and sealed with wax. My parents and friends ate a lot of jam that summer! Fortunately they liked jam…

    • What wonderful memories. I love black berries too. Pies and Jam sound delicious. Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. These look incredible! Toast with butter and jam, with cream cheese and jam, with peanut butter and jam, with almond butter and jam….. (and on, and on, and on…)

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