JELL-O, Yes or No?

My mother (from Illinois) always made a Christmas JELL-O with the juice of a fresh lemon added. I made it on Christmas Eve but forgot it on Christmas Day and it’s still in the fridge. Maybe we’ll eat some tomorrow. Her other concoction was lemon jello with crushed pineapple and shredded carrots with fresh lemon a pinch of salt. Oh and one made with the little packet of plain gelatin, fresh limes’ juice and sliced green grapes. My childhood memories of JELL-O(click for history as it all started in 1897) my sense is that it’s just not as popular anymore.

So JELL-O, yes or no?

Christmas JELL-O preparation on Christmas Eve

My sister gave me this cookbook

Perhaps your remember my Rainbow JELL-O post which was more of an art project.

21 thoughts on “JELL-O, Yes or No?

  1. We always had at Thanksgiving the green jello with carrots, shredded cabbage, pineapple and who knows what else. My father loved it. At Christmas Mary’s family had red jello with cranberries, pineapple, walnuts with a little whipped cream swirled throughout and called it “Cranberry Salad”. I love jello and have some in fridge right now.

  2. Never served in my house as a child unless you were sick. Clear “liquids” includes jello if you are sick in the hospital. So jello means “sick” to me so NO! NEVER! YUCK! On the other hand, Rick’s family served it all the time. He loves it.

  3. From Shuey’s side oft the family, YES ! I made the cranberry jello recipe with the crushed pineapples and cranberries. It is a tradition that I enjoy. Now- we have been using the sugar free jello by necessity and with all that pineapple I can not taste the difference.

  4. I haven’t made one in decades but do remember that I always liked them. I dug in my recipe box and the favorite recipe I used to make was a refreshing lime-cucumber-sour cream salad. And of course I still have the classic Tupperware ring mold.

  5. I like jello. Come to think of it there is not much that I do not like. Although I have seen various jello salads I have never eaten one. Like the person above we only had it when we were sick and could not eat solid food. We have a few boxes that have been in our kitchen cupboard for quite awhile. I guess they are an omen that we have been in relatively good health. I find it is always good for positive harbingers lije our jello boxes.

  6. So funny you brought this up, my family always had a jello salad on special occasions but Sy was not a real fan , although he ate it. I was all set to make my mom’s special green Christmas jello but at the last minute I changed pineapple casserole recipes and used my last can of crushed pineapple. I kept telling Sy I knew I ruined this holiday with no jello!

    My mom’s recipe was 2 small boxes of lime jello, ( I use diet) 1 cup hot water, 1C cottage cheese, 1 C sour cream, 1/4 C diced celery, 20oz drained crushed pineapple , 1/4C ground nuts, and a can of evaporated milk. At Christmas my mom would add a few bits of maraschino cherries. You’ll barely recognize this tasty heavy treat as jello.

  7. I have made a wonderful jello salad with cranberries, celery and carrots for crunch, walnuts and cranberry/raspberry jello ( and somethings I have forgotten). It is great with turkey. Made in the ring mold, and the center filled with cranberry sauce. Nice!

  8. I have so many childhood memories of JELL-O, primarily of red JELL-O and bananas. Brought to every extended family gathering. It is the food I most associate with aunts, uncles and cousins gathering to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. I can’t recall the last time I ate JELL-O.

  9. Yes Jelllo for me, I always have a few boxes on hand. I’ve never made a fruit desert with it, but they all sound delicious.

  10. As a kid I loved Jello – especially if it had small bits of canned pears in it. (but never carrots [or raisins]; both were gross in Jello.) I also didn’t like it if it was a creamy Jello – but did like it if there was Cool Whip on TOP of the serving of Jello.

    These days, I only eat Jello if I have the stomach flu (which has only been twice in my adult life).

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