Lebkuchen Ice Cream

Three years ago I had my first Lebkuchen Ice Cream at Kiez Eis in Berlin, Germany. Here’s my post of that experience.

I received some Lebkuchen (a soft spiced gingerbread cookie with ground dried fruit and nuts) for Christmas from my sister and daughter.

Last night I chopped two cookies and folded them into softened vanilla ice cream.

I ate a dish of it last night and it tasted good.

But this evening, I had another scoop and after 24 hours in the freezer it was so flavorful, the spices flavoring the ice cream beautifully.

17 thoughts on “Lebkuchen Ice Cream

  1. the ice cream with cookies look good enough to eat!!! 🙂 🙂 Do you have a recipe for the Lebkuchen?

  2. Makes sense. Lebkuchen is supposed to be made and allowed to sit and mellow before eating. I’ll bet it was delicious.

  3. That looks so tasty omg! I would also want to try out different flavoured ice cream with different flavoured cookies. Will try mixing and matching and will let you know which combination tastes the best! 😀

  4. Too bad I already ate my bag of LebKuchen cookies before hearing of this lovely mixture. Must try it next holiday.

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