Outgrown Sleeper Transformed

Here’s a January 2019 photo. Grandson Charlie visiting at my house. He’s wearing a fleece footed sleeper that was a cozy favorite. Doesn’t take long for kids to outgrow their clothes, though. 

In December 2020 my daughter sent the kitty footed sleeper to me with a request- could I make something special from it?

So I made doll pajamas, with the sleeve cuffs being the pants ankle cuffs now.

After I sewed the pjs, there was a lot of the sleeper leftover  but I couldn’t see anything in my mind to make from it. The scraps hung around for 3 weeks. Then I got an idea. 
Yesterday I created Zippy the snake with the remainder. Stuffed a couple of knee socks with fiberfill and put them into the column I created to look like a snake. Now the snake can lose his skin with zero mess.

On to the post office tomorrow to get these mailed to Charlie. I’m hoping he likes the transformation. 

11 thoughts on “Outgrown Sleeper Transformed

  1. Nominating you the most creative grandma, always making special treasures. I bet the snake gets a lot of love.

  2. Very cute and what a recycler you are! Great use of the sleeper, including the feet. I love it!

  3. Too cute! When my kids were little, I would cut the feet off the sleepers – that would usually prolong the time until the kids outgrew them completely.

  4. You are amazing and so creative, you made use of the entire sleeper. Great way to reuse and repurpose clothing. I was so surprised to see you even thought of a way to use the feet. You’re grandson is going to love this. Great job Ruth!

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