A friend brought over this warm treat of Pear Apple Crisp on Sunday afternoon. She was going to come over Monday morning to sew but then the Crisp would no longer be crisp but soggy.

The flavors of fall, cinnamon and ginger. I took it out on the front porch.

Added some vanilla ice cream on the warm fruit. I saved a little for Steve to enjoy later.

What an unexpected and delicious treat.

There was almond flour snd walnuts too, making it so crisp.

10 thoughts on “Sequence

  1. What a lovely sequence Ruth – thanks for a touch of autumn. Wish I had been there to share it … but then there would be none for Steve.

  2. I love both crispy and soggy “crisps”. Eating one reminds me of my mom; she used to make crisps somewhat frequently. I should make one….

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