Goats Along the Monongahela

Tuesday morning I met two good friends for brunch. We used to teach together at Greenfield School years ago. Although I’d written it on my calendar, I’m so used to not going out much I had to receive a text from Donna asking if I was on my way. Oooops!

After we ate, Sue and I walked along the River Trail. We had a couple of years to catch up with one another.

Donna, we are so sorry you missed the goats!

We saw this sign first, as Sue had told me it was one of the nations busiest rivers for barge traffic.

As we walked along the trail, (which goes all the way to Washington DC and Sue’s sons have biked it) we saw an electric fence and this sign

Allegheny GoatScape at work

Sue spotted the goats as I was taking photos of the underbelly of the Homestead Grays Bridge

A working goat, consuming pounds of vegetation everyday
Homestead Grays Bridge over the Monongahela River

I’d posted about goats at the tea store in Millvale Landscaping Goats at Knit Night and also at a Rent a Goat at Pittsburgh Botanical Garden in Oakdale a couple of years ago. And you might remember I booked a Goat With a Note for a zoom meeting.

9 thoughts on “Goats Along the Monongahela

  1. And because of the pictures I took of the goats Marti is considering it for her next career.

  2. In my community, a young couple owns a whole lot of goats and operates “Goat Dispatch.” They dispatch their goats to nature centers, parks and other places to consumer invasive species, specifically buckthorn.

  3. Seems that goats are lots of different places these days – but that doesn’t make sighting one any less fun.

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