Egg Salad Thoughts

Egg salad is a dish I never cared for growing up. I thought the eggs were stinky. The texture unappealing. But freshly made egg salad spread on a saltine cracker or a slice of bread is a satisfying taste to me now. I’ve friends who add mustard, lemon juice, butter, relish, paprika ……making it fancy, but today it’s simple egg salad. Easy on the Mayo.

Simple Egg Salad. Mayo, Salt snd Pepper

Egg salad. Yes or no?

16 thoughts on “Egg Salad Thoughts

  1. I love egg salad. And deviled eggs. I add a bit of mustard and vinegar to mine. And sprinkle it with dill weed.

      • Not melted butter, but I do sometimes add lemon juice to the egg salad. The mustard and vinegar is for the deviled eggs.

  2. Love egg salad and deviled eggs. But the eggs from my chickens need to ‘age’ a while so the shells can be peeled neatly. They don’t tend to last that long in my fridge

  3. Oh yeah. I do it many different ways, onion if I have it handy. GCR says my egg salad is Eggcellent. 🥚🥚

  4. I’m a yes on egg salad! I always liked it. No mustard! Maybe a little salt, garlic powder, and relish.

  5. Isn’t it funny how taste preferences change over a life time? I do like egg salad, but not on bread; only eaten solo, or with crunch crackers.

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