Ned Kahn’s Cloud Arbor by the Children’s Museum

Last time I visited the Children’s Museum was August 2019. Today I returned with grandsons Charlie and Roy. (And their Mom, Laura) stopping to see “the pipes” is a family tradition. Ned Kahn is the artist who created this living and breathing sculpture.

Charlie running to catch the cloudy mist
Wind and weather affect the cloud
So much fun to feel the cool mist on a hot day in June

Cloud Arbor with Jack and Maura in 2016

Cloud Arbor August 2019 with Maura and Charlie

15 thoughts on “Ned Kahn’s Cloud Arbor by the Children’s Museum

  1. I’ve seen that sculpture so many times but never really walked over to it. I will next time I go to the children’s museum!

  2. From out of the mist came a red and blue vision. The face was disguised by the cloud but there was an unmistakeable head of hair to die for present……dc

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