Who You Gonna Call When Your Neon’s Ailing? The Neon Doctor

Neon.  An inert gas.  2/3 the density of air. When put into electric signs it glows, catches your eye. You can read about Neon Signs here.

Not sure how much neon signage you have in your neighborhood but there’s a lot around the city.

I was filling up my car’s gas tank and looked across the street.

After I screwed on the  gas cap, I got my camera out of my school bag. I had the long lens.

Another day I’ll go and visit the interior and ask if the Neon Doctor is in.

Good to know there’s a place that can restore and repair the neon signs.

Neon Doctor

From across the street. Shot with a Canon 70-200 lens L series.

Cropped shot.   I will get energized and go and actually visit the place after school one day.  Neon Signs int

Korean BBQ at Kim’s Restaurant in North Philly- Guest Post

You know how happy I am to hear from my grown up kids.

They’re busy with their lives (and families of their own) but when the little ding sounds on the phone, I am like Pavlov’s dog and I salivate with expectation to see what tasty morsel they have sent over the net. I love the updates, the communication, the pics.

When Mark was on business in Philadelphia last week, he met up with his high school friend, Prem, and the two of them enjoyed an authentic Korean BBQ at Kim’s. Mark said it was delicious.

Here is what he sent over the phone.

I enjoyed seeing what they are eating and I like the one he took of himself and his friend at the table.




Breakfast in Louisville, Guest Blog

It always feels good to receive communication from your grown up children.   The little ding on the iPhone and it’s a photo message from my son. It wasn’t quite like having breakfast together but I enjoyed receiving this before the start of the school day Thursday morning.

Mark was on business in Louisville and took this shot his breakfast at the Anchorage Cafe.  I read about this Farm to Table place and Mark said it is worthy of endorsement, “Mom, they make all of their own stuff from local sources.” When I asked him if I could blog his breakfast shot, he heartily agreed. “The Rwandan medium roast coffee was French pressed to perfection.” he told me.   “And the chef makes the scrambled eggs sprinkled with fresh ground pepper, topped with two strips of Benton’s Smoked Bacon. The BEST bacon in the universe.” I asked for more info on the bacon.

He said,” it tastes like smoky smoked smoke”. Hmmmm. Hickory.    I liked how he sent me the details on the food items.  And how he appreciated the chef’s efforts.

Hearing from him makes for a happy day.