Stained Glass Windows at Heinz Chapel Pittsburgh

When out of town guests visit, it’s an opportunity to be a tourist where you live and appreciate the sights the city has to offer.  We parked and went into Heinz Chapel and I’ve been in many times. Each time you enter you think, hmmm I could be in France, the architecture and feeling of the sanctuary is remarkable.  Some of the stained glass windows are seven stories high. I learned that they were all designed by a single artist

“The chapel’s 23 windows were designed by Charles Connick and created at his Boston studio. The windows total approximately 4,000 square feet (370 m2) and contain nearly 250,000 pieces of glass. There are 391 identifiable people in the windows, a large supporting cast of anonymous individuals, and an extensive variety of flora and fauna.”

Here are a few examples of some of the windows


Isaac Newton,  John Keats, Emily Dickinson  William Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln and Beethoven to name a few.





Club Café Southside

Christopher Jones will be returning to the Club Café, 12 Street, this Saturday, October 9, from 7-9 PM with a four-piece  band of excellent Western PA musicians–Jim Spears on bass, Mark Weakland on drums and Max Schang on guitar.   Peter King, will open for him @7.  (

A couple of Christopher’s songs from his CD Heartland Variations are on the soon-to-be-released DVD I’ve finished, Michael Wurster: City Books Session.(Thank you Christopher)  And there will be a re-release of Christopher’s 1978 Transatlantic recording No More Range to Roam available  Saturday night. Admission is $10 @ the door.

Come hear Christopher Jones @ the Club Café. Peter King is opening for him.
Took this shot the night of Peter King's CD Release Party.


The Woodwinds- Waiting for Planes to Return Home (2 views)

Confratute at UCONN completed and we went to catch our plane to Cleveland, in route to Pittsburgh.  At the Bradley Airport, Hartford CT, a circle of students (who had just completed ARIA International  Summer Academy at Mt. Holyoke college) caught my ear, first!  Then my eye. Clearly skilled!   I asked if I could photograph them for the blog even though our plane was starting to board.  A lovely unexpected performance.  Sitting in airports can be tedious but not today. Thinking about how live music enhances emotion. Touches us. Turns out I had just missed their rendition of Star Wars. Bummer. They were all headed different directions. Teachers would check the comment box, “uses time wisely”.

Check out the bass clarinet! WOW.