Wedding Glow Sticks

When we got home Saturday night after a fun wedding reception, I saw the glow sticks still aglow.



You reflect on the celebration with dear friends, sharing the joy, the wonderful live music and delicious food.

Happy wedding Michelle snd Sean.

A Fourth-Light

The theme for the photo challenge this week was Half-light.  I’m back in the Burgh after a Spring vacation to New York City and Ohio. 

By the time I left the University Commons, I missed the half-light

It was almost dark. 

I titled this series a fourth-light. 

I like the dark blue sky backdrop for a few of Pittsburgh’s iconic structures. 

I’d enjoyed my friend Cj’s poetry reading at Carlow U. Tuesday night. 

   Walking down the hill to the parking lot
Workmen on Fifth Avenue 

    Forbes Avenue view of Cathedral of Learning at the red light 
Cathedral of Learning – University of Pittsburgh 
  Heinz Chapel Silhouette 
St. Paul Cathedral  in Oakland 

(All shot with the iPhone camera)

Heinz Chapel Pittsburgh- H.J. Heinz wanted to honor his Mother Anna Margaretta Heinz

Heinz Memorial Chapel on a Spring day. Built in the 1930’s of grey Indiana limestone.  The family name Heinz is on a lot of landmarks in Pittsburgh.  Heinz Hall, Heinz History Center, the Heinz House, the Heinz Plant (I hear the ketchup is made in Ohio these days) and of course Heinz Field  where the Steelers play. It was the grandchildren of Anna Margaretta who had the chapel built.   For info about the chapel click here or see what wikipedia has to say click here