What’s on the Hurtigruten Menu This Past Week


71784C75-BD3F-4957-93D3-92A90D6691CAThe MS Finnmarken kitchen is a busy place, All meals included in the Knitting Cruise with Arne and Carlos. Everything I ate was delicious. I didn’t sample every offering  but wanted to make a collage of the possibilities.  We had a vegetarian entree Wednesday night and last night was the Four Course Gourmet Dinner with a beautiful cheese plate with fresh currants shown above.

Knitting Cruise Invitation

Last January I was watching Arne and Carlos on their YouTube channel and they said come with us a journey like no other. See our beautiful Norwegian coast, warmed by the Gulf Stream waters.
I told my sister about it and she encouraged me to sign on immediately. I listened!
And I am so happy I did.
Norway is magnificent. Arne and Carlos are excellent hosts, making time to speak with everyone.
What a beautiful journey, exactly as promised. I came by myself but was fortunate when I opted for a roommate and got one so compatible. I’ve met knitters from Scotland, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Germany and Norway and Arizona, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Wisconsin to name a few.
Here we are with Arne and Carlos with my knitting cruise cabin roommate
If you’re a knitter you might already know of Arne and Carlos– their books ( in at least a dozen languages), their blog, patterns, tutorials, and their informative Q and A segments filmed from their restored railway station surrounded by lush gardens with thousands of plants. High up on a Norwegian mountainside. Nestled in the mountain next up a crystal clear lake, they live, design and create while inspiring thousands around the world to find their own creative spirit within themselves.
Perhaps you remember their sock yarn (Regia)that instructs you by change of yarn color- when to stop ribbing and knit the foot heel or toe.
They also have a video the called the easiest sock in the world. It’s true! https://youtu.be/uQcPvZAEJ3w

Be sure to check out their latest New Nordic with ROWAN

Troll Fiord at Night on the Knitting Cruise

Powerful searchlights illuminated the rocks of the narrow passage of the Troll Fiord. Just as Carlos (Arne and Carlos) said it would be, It felt as if you could touch the walls as the ship passed through the Fiord.
AND then the our skilled ship Captain Tom-Rune Einarsen, turned around the MS FinnmarkenHurtigruten in the incredibly tight space
WOW. It was amazing. Neither a little precipitation nor darkness kept the Knitting Cruise group from experiencing this natural wonder. A little tricky to get sharp focus, though. What a night!!!
Click this link to see it by day and learn more about the Troll Fjord in Norway.

Rauma Yarn Factory Tour

We docked in Alesund. There were two buses taking our group of knitters from the ship to the yarn factory-an English speaking one and a Norwegian one

The factory founder’s grandson gave us the tour of the factory his grandfather started in the late ninteen thirties.

Sun Above the Arctic Circle

This morning we crossed the Arctic Circle. Norway is magnificent. The variations in the weather of rainy mist and wind and clouds have made for some dramatic photographs-the gorgeous rainbow. I try to envision what it would be like to live in some of the homes I see along the coast.

Greetings from Norwayy

Today we visited the Rauma Yarn Factory. The Arne and Carlos Knitting Cruise up the ucoast of Norway has been on my calendar since last January. It’s exciting to be here. The weather is chilly gray rain, windy, intermittent sun with wild waves and snow on the Troll Ladder Road so that Road was closed. I’m not feeling too sad we missed eleven hairpin turns without guard rails. For lunch we had Sour Cream Porridge. Raspberry juice and tea.