New York City Sidewalk Pickle Vendor

I walked by. Looked back. Took the shot.

My friend Joyce is really good at street photography.  I feel self-conscious and awkward a lot of the time.  I shot this man purchasing a pickle from one of the barrels.  I haven’t seen a pickle vendor on the street before although I did see someone deep fry a pickle at the Ohio State Fair.


The word is funny to me.
Don’t hear it much
about someone getting themselves
in a real pickle.
Barrels of pickles
lined up on a table
under a tent.
Sweet, sour, Kosher dill.
Bread and butter, gherkins,
hamburger sliced.
Pickled eggs in a jar on a bar
Pickled beets.
I made some once.

Deli Pickle in Afternoon Light

Just walked back up Grafton Hill from the Bryant Street Market.  Took the pickle out of the deli paper and bag and set in on a plate. I was just about to cut it up into spears to share it.  And then I looked down.  The sun shining through the back porch door was perfect illumination for the pickle to take on some life.  Perfect amount of juice and crispy when you bite into it. Makes your mouth water.

Crisp, Crunch and Juice

It was sweet pickles when I was small
And I still eat bread and butter ones-
especially homemade.  I put some up
with Carolee in Okanogan one summer.
But this one from the jar in the deli case?

Went nicely with the corned beef and swiss for St Patrick's.