They’ve Got It Covered

They’ve got it covered….with Heinz History admission stickers. Wonder who peeled off the first one and stuck it on the pole?

By the way, Charlie opted to keep his sticker on his shirt. He did not add it to the collection.

Valentine’s Eve Sky at Sunset

Just returned to Pittsburgh from Columbus and the light was leaving.  Saw the sunset begin so found a spot in the Strip on Smallman Street to pull over and get out and shoot the colors as they changed.  Thought to myself- a nice pair for today’s post and yesterday’s-the beginning of the day and the end of the day, both in the Strip.

UPMC reflected in the puddle with trucks parked not far away.

Three Men & a Bicyclist on Smallman Street

Waiting in the car for Steve to get the Primanti’s sandwiches, I saw these men head north on Smallman Street.  They’d just left Primanti Brothers. And then the bicyclist joined in the frame, that time of day when the streetlights come on, but it’s not dark yet. Unable to determine how the street got named but am sure with more research I’ll find it. You can see all the loading docks on the left for the fruit and vegetable deliveries. It’s a really wide street.

St. Stanislaus in the background on the right, completed in 1892.