Demolition in Swissvale

Driving back from Braddock, I saw people on the sidewalk with cameras in hand.

Then I saw the demolition of a house taking place.

I turned a corner and parked and got out and took a few pictures.

I thought the first one the best as it showed most of the scene. But the progressive close-ups complete the story.

My son’s in-laws grew up in this part of Pittsburgh. I heard that the house had been empty for ten years.

It was sad to see it demolished even though it must have been in bad shape. Y0u wonder who lived there.

What happened that it became abandoned.  You know there is a story.

I saw a green plastic basket in the rubble

*And I looked up the CASE excavator model # and it says it is 37, 700 pounds operating weight.

Super 1 Swissvale in Night Light

Shooting at night, finding the light, trying to get it just right.
Door closing behind man who had just entered.

Drove back to Pittsburgh this evening for Monday AM obligation.  Details after the fact.   Steve and I went to the Elbow Room around 8.  He asked me if I wanted him to drive me to reshoot the Steel Mill at night before the trees are at full leaf.  And on the way back home we got the red light at Woodstock and Braddock Avenue . Caught the Super 1  Convenient Store all lit up. No wet pavement tonight to reflect the lights.