Local:What Feels Like Home

img_9880Jen H at WordPress has created the weekly Photo Challenge: Local.

What feels familiar, home. The places you know by heart. Local diner, local playground, local neighborhood, local church,local streets-I live in the city by a park.

I notice I shoot a lot of local coffee, too.

Here’s my iPhone local gallery.  Pittsburgh.




14 thoughts on “Local:What Feels Like Home

  1. Ruth – I really like this selection of your photos, and it includes three of my favorites of your photos. My favorite is the one that I think of as “The house in the fog.” I mentioned in a previous comment that it reminds me somewhat of my parents’ home on the North Side on Woods Run Avenue where I grew up. My second favorite is the shot of the Cathedral of Learning at my alma mater, Pitt. I love the flashes of light and the image of the Cathedral of Learning and the bare trees outlined against the gray sky. And my third favorite is the shot coming out of the Fort Pitt Tunnels. Living here in Vallejo, California, I really enjoy just seeing the different photos of Pittsburgh in your blog. They remind me of home. Thanks.


  2. Wonderful photos! Feels like home to me!! All meaningful! I see my church and many of my favorite places. Love Pittsburgh!!
    Small world – like Ken, I had family on Woods Run Avenue – The Amelio’s. My great aunt and her family.

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  3. Great Pictures – couldn’t pick a favorite if I tried. Local are who we are! I love local! I am so happy YOU are local – Ruth E

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